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Strengthening Muscles Reiki Level 2 by Ekaterina Fedosova

Level 2

You don't need to have a Usui Reiki initiation to work with the flow or pass it on to other people. Those people who have been initiated into Usui Reiki have the opportunity to apply Usui Reiki symbols in the Strengthening Muscles Reiki stream.

You get increased flow at the second level of the earth chakras connection, and it opens the opportunity to work out the muscles in more detail and at a deeper level, restore the muscle fibers, pull the body's resource to the desired point (by intention or applying hands).

The second level of attunement increases your throughput of energy flows, which increases the efficiency, speed, and results of working with attunements.

You get Strengthening Muscles Reiki Symbol on the second level, it will serve as a powerful addition to your work and expand your capabilities.

- You will be able to transmit a level 2 stream

- You can draw a symbol on paper and put it under your pillow for flow work in your sleep

Draw a symbol on yourself and students for more accurate work for muscle groups, flow will work with the assigned muscle group.

This provides longer action of flow (allowing you to go beyond the session time)

- And much more.

The flow will help you apply the symbol intuitively. 

Strengthening Muscles Reiki Level 1 by Ekaterina Fedosova

Level 1

The Strengthening Muscles Reiki flow comes from a Reiki source and has all the characteristics of Usui Reiki flow.

Masters had initiates to the second level of Usui Reiki can apply the symbols of Usui Reiki in Strengthening Muscles Reiki flow, under the same conditions as in Usui Reiki.

Work of Strengthening Muscles Reiki runs through your energy structures and chakras including the higher cosmic chakras, Reiki energy-the eternal flow of the Universe specializes for you in the flow of Strengthening Muscles Reiki for your physical strengthening, healing, recovery and beauty. Apply the flow daily for healing or external desired results, then you can switch to the maintenance mode with the application once or twice a month.

The Strengthening Muscles Reiki flow is suitable for people:

- has undergone surgery and needs to restore muscles

- Who is engaged in their external appearance - strengthens their health and beauty

- Who reduces weight

- Who wants to look fit at any age

- Has certain diseases and cannot move normally for their own reasons

- Who plays sports professionally

- And everyone who wants to have healthy and strong muscles.

You can apply the flow in a calm and relaxed state; when you are doing sports, massages, walking, and so on. Do not apply driving or performing actions that require precise movements and a lot of attention. You can specify which muscle group you want to work with in sessions, but this is not necessary. You can pass this first level to other people when you have received the first level of Strengthening Muscles Reiki system. You can work on the first level personally and remotely, you have activated your cosmic chakras. Activate the flow for your training sessions, for healing any diseases, for working with beauty energies, for performing cosmetic procedures, massages of any type, for working with psychological body therapies, for working with affirmations for beauty, for healing the body and mind. 

Grace Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

The stream gives the Grace of the Universe, divine grace, angelic grace, human grace.

Grace Reiki combines Reiki energy, streams of new energies that are being renewed for the people of the universe, Angelic energy and angelic accompaniment.

You receive healing for your soul and body in the flow of Grace Reiki, at any time you can receive the gifts of the universe (disclosure of superpowers, clairvoyance, reading energy, powers of the medium, communication with angels, attunement to material energy, and so on).

Working with the flow is very easy - using intent and / or directing your hands to the desired location, and so on.

You can charge items

- take the object in hand or remotely imagine the charging process.

You can to call the stream for any purpose:

- healing of diseases

- healing of emotions and feelings, thoughts, energy, chakras and aura and all structures

receiving material benefits (money, desired job, cars, apartment, gifts, everything that is a grace for you, and so on)

- conducting sessions, helping others

- for conducting sessions, rituals, and so on

- love family, friendships, relationships with colleagues

- strengthening the immune system, health, beauty

When you invoke energy Grace Reiki, you will receive the latest powerful flows for yourself, your loved ones, friends, family, and clients.

All the Love of the Universe will heal you and align you in time for any session, connect you to the latest vibrations and transform you. 

Vitamin D3 999 by Ekaterina Fedosova

The flow of Vitamin D3 999 is sent by angels, archangels for all people. Do not be afraid to apply the flow without making a blood test for a lack of vitamin D3, because Vitamin D3 999 will balance the amount of vitamins in the body, will help with its lack, overabundance or norm.

The flow will be useful for everyone, vitamin D3 is incredibly important for the health of the body, it helps with insomnia, loss of strength, weak immunity, tension and many stress and symptoms.

Vitamin D3 is responsible for the recovery, healing of the body during sleep, for the condition of the skin, muscles, proper functioning in many parts of the body, for the most important processes produced in the body, the most important vitamin for newborns and children.

Stream Vitamin D3 999 use daily for vitamin deficiency, once a month for normal, three or four times a week for excess.

"Vitamin D is extremely important for the normal functioning of the body at any age. There are two main forms: ergocalciferol (D2), which comes exclusively from food, and cholecalciferol (D3), which is formed under the influence of sunlight.

The main function that vitamin D performs is to help the body absorb phosphorus and calcium. Severe lack of the second leads to rickets in children and softening of bone tissue in adults, not to mention problems with teeth, nails and hair. Moreover, with age, a person's ability to synthesize vitamin while in the sun decreases, so its additional intake in food becomes vital.

In addition to the main functions, vitamin D participates in the normalization of metabolic processes at the cellular level and affects the immune system. People with a sufficient amount of vitamin in the body are less likely to suffer from colds, and the course of the disease itself passes in a lighter form. There is a reduction in the symptoms of chronic diseases, up to full recovery. And some studies prove a positive effect in the prevention of cancer. In particular, the occurrence of colon cancer is reduced by 75%. Vitamin D is also added to psoriasis and eczema ointments for faster healing of affected skin areas."

Source: portal about health "in form"

"Effects on the body's systems:

* Musculoskeletal system. Cholecalciferol strengthens bone and muscle tissue, ligaments. Participates in hematopoiesis.

In adults, when there is a lack of cholecalciferol, the bones weaken, osteoporosis develops, and rickets occurs in children.

• Nervous system. Cholecalciferol activates the restoration of nerve tissues. The state of neurons affects the contractility of muscles. Healthy nerve fibers correctly and quickly transmit nerve impulses, control reflex reactions.

• Protective mechanism. Cholecalciferol stimulates the growth of immune cells that protect the body from invading viruses, bacteria, fungi, and allergens. A strong immune system stops the development of infections, cancers, dermatoses, psoriasis.

• Endocrine organ. The benefit of vitamin D 3 is that it controls the carbohydrate balance. The substance increases the sensitivity to insulin, normalizes the concentration of sugar in the blood, and prevents the development of diabetes." 

Essence of Money Coffee by Ekaterina Fedosova

We are passing flow of Essence Money Coffee to all earthlings, souls traveling on earth, conducting their work here.

We - Angels, Archangels and Golden Stream conduct for you the latest cosmic energies for the transformation of your bodies, energy structures under the new laws of

vibration. The Essence Money Coffee will help you to update and tune in with the changing Universe, also to get connected with the new energies of money. You will be able to connect with new vibrations of money and get fast business promotion, get the necessary funds for your goals.

You can specify exact amounts, you can talk about getting any items or material benefits, you will get abundance, money, creativity, financial status.

Mom's Love by Ekaterina Fedosova

The latest frequencies come for your healing, help, and updating of all your structures.

The flow of Mom's love will help you establish a relationship with your mother, with your family (not only on the female line, but also on the father's line).

If you do not have a strong and loving relationship with your parents, you have many claims,misunderstandings, your love for your mother are closed, and her love to you

- then working with the flow of Mom's love will help heal, restore the natural balance of energy, exchange and establish relationships. The more difficult your relationship, the more time you will need to work with the flow.

Mom's love will not only help in healing relationships, but also in healing physical ailments.

It doesn't matter whether your parents are alive or not, whether you know them or not - the flow of mom's love will still heal these connections.

Childhood injuries, resentments, anger, and other accumulated negative destructive energy carried by you through the years will receive healing, you will get release.

If you consider yourself a bad parent; if you see that you make a lot of mistakes; if you try to maneuver between guilt and overprotection of your children; if you feel your

failure as a parent - the flow of Mom's love is also ideal for healing and working with these negative low frequencies. You will regulate contact with the children.

The stream of Mom's love has a Golden light, from top to bottom it covers and wraps like blanket.

A Golden, sparkling blanket of Energy descends on you and your loved ones. A sense of security, harmony, love and softness, warmth accompany the flow, you feel the soft and tender maternal energy of the universe and the human boundless mom's care and love.

The universe and your mother, friends and family will be able to feel the effect of Mom's love.

You can apply the flow for yourself and your children, wrap up your parents as well. Not a soul will resist their

family energies of universal. If the results are delayed, it means that the depth of problems was greater than you thought - continue to apply the flow. 

Lady Popularity by Ekaterina Fedosova

This stream will change your physical body and energy

structures, update to the latest frequencies, and in this

stream the process of restructuring and tuning to modern flows will always continue.

This means that you will constantly be in new frequencies in accordance with the latest changes in nature and on Earth.

Please note that this may give ambiguous results in

everyday life, you will be popular, updated in a timely

manner, you will be in the most modern energy trends, and you may not be interested in old streams.

People who will be in the old energies will cease to interest you. Some people's will have to catch up with you and if it is possible for them.

The flow of Lady popularity comes from the latest cosmic frequencies, it is supported and directed for people by angels and archangels, the new guardians of the earth so that you can always be able to receive powerful and new flows for healing and transformation.

Also, you will attract attention, be attractive, alluring and

brilliant. This does not mean that you will be understood

by others, it means that you will lead for you, for flows

of energies. 

Diamond cat by Ekaterina Fedosova

The stream will help you in healing diseases of the skin, nails, hair, papillomas, "stars", veins.

Diamond cat passing energy of the stars, lightens the skin, removes age spots, helps to balance your energy with nature, the moon, cosmic flows, gives a close connection with the moon, but not with as magic symbol, and with cosmic body.

You can meet an ethereal diamond cat, If you are sensitive enough. She will come to you for sessions, bring the stars on itself and behind itself, try to be careful

with cat, do not pull your hands to her, she will do everything for you that is necessary now.

Flow diamond cat acquires such an image to perform its

tasks, it is not a magical creature, but a woven Star image of energy flows.

The stars will cover the surface of your energy bodies and physical body during the sessions 

New hormones by Ekaterina Fedosova

The hormonal function of your bodies is very important for your better life and health.

The flow of New hormones will update all your structures to the new frequencies of the Earth.

New hormones will help with diseases caused by a

failure in the body, with changes during pregnancy,

menopause, in the transition period (adolescent changes ) and at any age, andropause, and so on.

Apply the stream stably. Only for individual use

New Beauty by Ekaterina Fedosova

We Angels, archangels pass latest streams, frequencies for people . Update yourself !

Stream New beauty will help you update all your structures.

The new beauty will reveal your external beauty and clear away old vibrations.

Look at yourself and the world in a new way. Enjoy your beauty and the beauty of the world around you .

Let your eyes Shine, you connect with all your chakras, which will allow you to always imbue yourself with the radiance of the stars and divinity. 

New Money by Ekaterina Fedosova

There are rapid changes of flows and vibrations are

directed to the earth every second. This gigantic stream of changes covers all frequency ranges.

We pass new streams with a certain new frequency, you get vibrations and universal vibrations to change your bodies and fields. In the new streams, you not only get a new sound of the

soul, but also new streams for a better life on earth and the passage of your plans.

The New Money stream will connect to the newest money frequencies. We know how important this resource is to you on Earth. The energy of money changes, as do other frequencies. In new money, you will be tuned to new frequencies of money, their flow will pass freely into your life. 

Angelic lion by Ekaterina Fedosova

The Angelic lion will come to the rescue in stressful

situations for modest people. In the stream, you will feel a surge of support and courage.

For individual use. 

Angelic Tarot by Ekaterina Fedosova

We - Angels, pass flow of the Angelic Tarot for those who like to work with the Tarot and with the Angelic Tarot. The stream will help you perceive more accurate information and interconnection of events and things. It will be easier for you in the stream to contact with us and get visions, if you are ready for it. You can Summon the flow while working with the Angelic Tarot, and you will feel us closer.

The Angelic Tarot stream will help you clear your Tarot and fill it with power and light, and you will feel a stronger connection to the deck. 

Angel's diamond by Ekaterina Fedosova Morozova

The energy of purification, creation, support, and insight.

Angels will help you make your choice in clarity and transparency.

You can see people's intentions, circumstances of situations drop blinkers and illusions.

Removing illusions can be unpleasant, but Angels will support and protect.

Let the truth Shine in the mind and aspects. 

Lightness of Being by Ekaterina Fedosova Morozova

You do not need to fight with yourself, the world and circumstances - accept yourself and the environment as it is, without trying to change, be in the silence of the mind, energy without bursts and storms. Watch from the side, no one owes you anything, you don't owe anyone anything. Just be and everything will become obvious, simple and clear. Secrets are easy to open, since no one has closed them.

You can tune in to the harmony of the cosmos, the great and powerful streams-flowing endlessly in their turn, in perpetual movement and hugeness.

Your higher cosmic Galactic chakras will become more accessible to you, for sensation, within safe limits for you, for the human body. Lightness of being is a powerful frequency for new discoveries, movements in spiritual growth, increased vibrations, and global spiritual discoveries.

Souls who seek enlightenment - you can work with Lightness of being, in the best and worst moments of life, conduct daily practices, meditations in the stream, regardless of circumstances, discoveries. The changes will enter you, in your life, in the house, a natural powerful wave.

Everything Secret will easily become clear.

Beauty Salon by Ekaterina Fedosova

Flow of Beauty Salon will give you a lot of pleasant sensations.

You will be able to direct the flow to the desired procedure in a simple form of intent.

Beauty, rejuvenation, return to a healthy natural appearance.

You will be able to renew your energy structure, set them on a

new frequency of energy, a new time. Ask flow to remove swelling, excess wrinkles, tighten the oval of the face and body, and improve the skin. But remember, this is not a surgical operation, you will regain your natural beauty, but do not change the shape of your eyes or nose. 

Business 999 by Ekaterina Fedosova Morozova

Do you doubt your abilities, are you afraid to take up work, study, or change your life?

Make sure that you are directed to the best path.

Activate Business 999 and the angels will help you choose the direction of your efforts, both to create a new business and to promote an existing one. In the flow

Business 999 the right destinations will open, not the bestones will close.

You just need to be sensitive to the signs from the angels and follow them, the right people will appear. Who are not better for you, for your business will leave you.

You can apply the flow to your business and work, workspace. 

Angel of Gold Coins 999 by Ekaterina Fedosova Morozova

You can accept the energy of gold, give yourself gold.

Let luxury enter into all your aspects and consciousness.

You can accept divine luxury in the streams of angels.

Energy will help you heal your mindset of scarcity, limits,

limitations for luxury and prosperity. 

Spirit to Spirit Communication Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

Spirit to Spirit Communication Reiki connects you to the highest form of communication energy - which allows you to communicate soul to soul, spirit to spirit with others for better understanding and communications, and with those who have crossed over for guidance.

It also works to help you communicate with animals, plants, and any spirit entity for the highest good. This system is a very unique energy that opens up the pathways of

communication on a deeper level, allowing your higher self to communication with the higher self of all BE-ings. There are often times when you are talking to someone and no matter how hard you try to make them understand, they simply cannot understand.

This happens when the two of you are on different energy levels and so the communications just are not received by the other person.

It is like you are both on two different frequencies-two different channels.

And the energies of Spirit to Spirit Communication Reiki works to bring you both into harmony for positive communication by raising the lowest frequency of the people trying to communicate for the purpose of understanding.

It opens the path of communications between those who have crossed over so that you can receive guidance and messages. 

Night Vision of the Cat Empowerment by Daelyn Wolf

This system connects you to source energy and to the essence of night vision of cats.

Cats can see very well in the dark. They also are reported to be able to see "Spirits", especially at night. They sense the energies of things unseen by humans.

The Night Vision of the Cat Empowerment works to enhance your night vision, and to enhance you intuitive psychic abilities and awareness of spirits that may be around you.

It opens the lines of communication between species so that you can communicate with animals, plants, and other BE-ings such as crystals, and the spirit of a home, or other thing.

All things hold a spirit and this system helps with communications and understanding for the highest good of all concerned. The symbol is shown in the manual 

Bliss Connection Stabilizer Device by Jalu Wasonoadi ( Satya Prajna Lokasaranga )

Is have beautiful energy to assist you to open your heart to receive love, Which Thereby helps you attract more love from others and more receptive to love.

Bliss Connection Device Stabilizer bring courage to you to improves the quality of the love you attract. When your heart is scared and distrustful, it attracts the situations you fear.

When you trust with an open heart, you attract trust-worthy, healthy relationships.

While on the way your relationship may sometimes or frequently occurring misunderstandings and fights. Bliss Connection Device Stabilizer effective helps you to calm and balance your emotions to bring emotional stability by absorbing your negative energy and emotions Which transform it to positive, I know you-can decreases pessimistic tendencies and Increases positive action Bliss Connection Device Stabilizer protects you from the negative energy, thoughts, and ill-wishes of others.

This enhances your wisdom and positive communication who That actually keep the negativity tries to draw near to you. This fully floods the physical body with fresh energy Which works to disintegrate the disharmonies or energy blocks .

Hands of the Priest of God Empowerment by Thomas Schneemann ( Tommy Turtle )

Hands of the Priest of God Empowerment


The Energy System Hands of the Priest of God Empowerment connects you to the Power of the Source and will give you the ability of the loving Hands of a Priest of God.

The energy will push away any negativ feelings and beings. 

Angus Mac Og's Dream Lovers Reiki Attunement by Linda Kaye

Soul mate connections are very powerful and very difficult to resist and can be instantaneous the moment you meet. The theory is that soul mates come from past lives. I believe that each of us have many many soul mates out there in the universe.. We've had many many lifetimes-some good and some not. We have all felt instant soul connections with men or women that cannot be explained.

We recognize eachother, and we connect for as long as we have to in order to heal our past life karma with them

By invoking the Irish Lord of Love, Angus Mac OG, in our love, sex and romantic life, it helps us to know that nothing is impossible when it comes to love and relationships. Angus Mac Og dreamed the love of his life into existance. He teaches us THAT NO LOVE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET.

Angus Mac Og helps lovers in need and in peril. For Angus, there is no such thing as impossible love. He helps true love defy all odds. When love goes wrong, he comforts and protects the heartbroken. His preoccupation is love and beauty, and his kisses are transformed into birds which fly invisibly to the youths and maidens of Ireland, to whisper words of love into their ear.


Removing seemingly impossible obstacles in your relationship and love life

Brings solutions to your desperate romantic dilemmas.

Opens your heart to receiving and accepting,feeling, trusting and giving love.

Nurtures and norishes your heart to help you feel love.

Heals your inner child of a lack of trustingand feeling love.

Guides you in creating your own new love story that comes to life in your own reality.

Heals all broken hearts

Helps you to have a positive outlook on life Encourages vivid romantic dreams, while you sleep .

Physical Healing - Diamond Elixir - by Donald P.( Black Diamond )

These wonderful energies are excellent for generating physical energy and stamina.

Are great aid in recovery from illness because they assists the body in processing and eliminating toxins, and boosts the immune and metabolic systems.

The energies contain in the elixir are particularly useful of the liver, spleen and gallbladder, but and also are excellent in overcoming muscle pain and backaches etc.. 

Business Traffic Generator by Maha Kamaleksana

Traffic is important part of our business That maintain the circulation of supply and demand are at the same point.

Traffic is loading much information That we can learn in order to develop our business in its greatest point.

The information Gathered to Analyzed and then present a conclusion of our business health. Traffic track is like the channels Within our energetic body or the blood vessel Within our physical body. And the energies or blood flow That Within it are substances That brings life properties to ourselves.

It loaded with passion, information, vitality, etc. It shows health been of us, as same as our business. When the traffic is jammed, obstructed or disturbed, our body is not in good health performance. This is potentially make a destruction or uncontrolled growth or imbalance That We're assumes it as illness or disease, and it could have deadly potential.

It is not different at all When applied to our business field.

Traffic bring endless potential, information, substance, etc, That maintain our business in a good life cycle. And when to the traffic is in the problem, this shows us to introspection had toward our own business health

. Mostly, we may Realized That our body into acute problem if any pains or illness or diseases are occur. And then we might just focus our intention on our energy or traffic circulation, Thus from there any information is to arise Explained what is the root of problem was. in the

Realized business field as it may reverse. We may Realized That our traffic business problem, by we analyze the information That We Gathered from our business activities. then finally, the conclusion of business information can show our health state.


Cells Healing Activation by Hari Andri Winarso

was channeled to activates the Cells Healing Mechanism and encourage your cells to regenerate health in your body.

This essence will speed up and stimulate your cells regeneration in order to restoring you to the optimum health. This Cells Healing Activation helps to restore your cells ability to remove unnecessary diseases from your body, remove viruses that are incurable from the body.

Cell Healing Activation will makes your body becoming healthier and stronger. 

Cancer Healing Essence by Hari Andri Winarso

Cancer Healing Essence was channeled to boost and maintain immune system to help you fight and kill cancer cells. This Cancer Healing Essence energy is an anti-oxidant energetic that helps protect against free radicals that damage cell membranes, alter DNA and kill healthy cells.

Cancer could be the result of emotional wounds, stress, anxiety and depression, and other negative emotions -

This Cancer Healing Essence is also effective to assist you to release negative emotions, calm your mind, maintain positive mind and attitude because it is a very important aspect to fight cancer


Cancer Care Reiki Healing and Recovery by Daelyn Wolf

Cancer Care Reiki connects you to Universal Source energy for healing and recovery.

This system works especially well for helping to heal cancer and speed recovery. It works to help with slowing the disease and brings remission quickly. It helps with strengthening the immune system to help fight the disease and prevent spreading. The energies help stimulate the growth of healthy cells, while working to lessen and remove unhealthy cells.

Treatment for Cancer can often be harsh to your body, causing sickness, and fatigue as well as other symptoms and side effects. The energies of Cancer Care helps to ease these side effects and to relieve any nausea. It helps cloak you in a positive energy of healing and well being so that you can recover quickly and heal faster. Working with the energies of Cancer Care Reiki helps to lessen the pain, sickness, and discomfort of this disease. It works also to bring a feeling of peace, love, and light energy.

The energies are powerful for bringing positive healing energy into the body and help to speed recovery while helping to remove side effects of treatment. It helps also to calm any fears and anxiety associated with cancer and its treatments. Having a peaceful nature and a soothing emotional feeling helps to speed recovery and promoted wellness. The symbol is shown in the manual

Mystical Healing and Cleansing by Scion

These energies will clear your from the malaise at the physical and spiritual levels ,has a powerful healing and cleansing energy. at phisycal level Increases immune defenses very useful for promote the healing ,revitalizes your body and stimulates the self healing mechanism in the body for to accelerates your cells regeneration and assists every cell of your body to be healthy. Will give you new strength and to you will assist to overcome the tough moments of life These are great energies that help also you become more relaxed and able to leave the past behind you.

Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

The Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki connects you to the spirit of Dragons and creative source.

These Dragons seek to assist you with widsom, healing, love, and abundance.

The energies are fun, filled with love, and help you seek your Power Within.

The Dragons are powerful, and When you connect they will always be near and ready to assist you in your time of need. Their soul light Brightens your energies and lifts you with courage to be who you truly are. They guard the wisdom of the ages, revealing magick and the arts only to Those Who will understand the powers they are working with and use it wisely. Dragons bring good luck, and good fortune. 

Angelite purification sigil

Many people find themselves drawn to the Angelic realms for comfort, support,

guidance, protection, inspiration, as well as for healing of the mind body and spirit.

The Angels are always around us ready to help but we must be the ones to make the

first move. They operate in a universe of non interference and would be taking away

our right to free will and free choice by doing otherwise. Angels are here to help and

guide us but not to do all the work for us; otherwise we would be robbed of valuable

life experiences, self expression and personal growth.

Seeking contact and communicating with Angels is a powerful way to advance your

spiritual growth. We can further enhance this connection by working with particular

crystals. Angelic attuned crystals provide a high frequency vibrational link which is

attuned to the Angelic Realm. These crystals can become storehouses for Angelic

information which can be accessed through meditation. Working with the Sigils of these Archangels imprints the signature of their energy into your auric field; this alone can often be enough to deter further attacks. You can thencall on this energy to help you in many different ways, whenever you need support,guidance, protection or cleansing and healing.

Black Dome

It being a strong yet majestic protective energy structure for us who have active to do magical ,energy and mystical practices

It eliminates any kind energy attachment ,aggressive ,radiation and intention that harmful for us

The people who attune to Black Dome have very intense and powerful attractive energy and ensure that only positive and full of benefit energy to reach them

999 High Magick Clear & Protect Reiki

999 High Magick Clear & Protect Reiki connects you to source energy and

your higher self for empowerment, clearing, and protection. The system

works with the high frequency of 999 energy. It is a very powerful and high

energy that vibrates to blast away negativity and any negative attachments.

It raises your vibration so that anything negative cannot stay in your

frequency. This is powerful for removing any energy, entities, and

attachments which can cause chaos, harm, illness, etc. They simply cannot

withstand such a high energy frequency.

It also surrounds you with the high frequency energy of 999 for protection.

It is like a barrier against any lower energy frequencies that may work

against you. Negative energies are always of a lower frequency and are

much denser. They cannot penetrate the high fast frequency of 999 energy

Divine Lighting Flow

if you wish to receive visions of Angelic guidance regarding the direction you are going in or seeking a connection with the higher self so that you may to be able to be guided to the best during take your along the spiritual pathway these are the right energies for you.

Flashes of intuition

If you are searching for answers to the questions in your life and wish the greater wisdom to be revealed to you, these great energies are a wonderful aid for you.

Working and meditate with these energies you can of a sudden you experience flashes of intuition in which everything suddenly becomes clear.

Aura Energy Insulator Vortex

Aura Energy Insulator Vortex brings forth a highly protective energy and Provides to spiritual insulator Which will seal the aura and prevent psychic attack. Provides a strong energy vibration Which Provides psychic protection.

Allows you to feel safe and shields you away from feelings of worry When doing spiritual development activity such as making contact with spirits.

Aura Energy Insulator Vortex assist you to feel calm and relaxed, Enhance Encourages clear expression of feelings and thought

Light beam energy explosion

This system connects you to pure source energy and to your higher self. It works as a beam of pure light that beams down from source energy through your crown chakra and also all around you as the beam is larger and wide enough to engulf you completely.

The energies run through you and burst out like an explosion of energy that shatters all negative energy within and around you as it blows that negative energy away from you.

This system is very powerful and works quickly. It removes blocks, negativity, and all negative emotions. It works to heal and repair any energy fields and emotions that were affected by the negative energies that had been holding you down.

This is a strong energy that will lighten your energies and lift your spirit.

The Saints initiation

This system has been channeled to bring to us the energies blessed beings of light we call saints.

This system and the individual saints will guide and assist you in all areas of your life.

Many times you will require the help of the Masters, Archangels, Spirit Guides and totem animals, but not to the saints to help us in our spiritual journey and with any healing that we give to ourselves and others.

Each of the Saints that are listed in the manual will help you with different areas of life.

Through this system you will be in tune with the energies of 10 saints and you will understand who they are, for what they can help you and how to ask them for help through a short simple prayerEvery Saint will enter 'softly in touch with you through your initiation.

The Saints are:

St John of God, St. Peregrina St. Dymphna St. Anna St. Padre Pio St. Francis of Assisi St. Jovanna d 'Arc. St. Christophel St. Lucia St. Apollonia

Mystical Assistant Empowerment

Mystical Assistant Empowerment was channeled and created to give you ability to summoning a mystical beings (such as Dragon, Unicorn, etc) to use their power to specific purposes.

You can summon a mystical beings to be an etheric guardian to protects you from any dangerous, negativities and evil forces -- And or helps to remove them.

You can also use it to summoning a mystical beings to assist you to gains and realize your goals and success in any parts of your life, attain all desirable things and fulfill everything you want.

Shortly, you will have ability to summoning a mystical beings and use their power to realize whatever you needs and purposes as long as for the goodness.

The mystical beings may have their own mind that make them to act more when they are on duty/task, but don't worry it is because their task are always to provides the best serve and only for your highest good.

All mystical beings summoned has an absolute and unbreakable loyalty to you, because they are incapable of disobeying their orders OR turning against you as summoner. 

Raphael & the Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment

This system helps with finding a job, increasing your income, getting unexpected cash,

obtaining a loan, and career advancement. If you are working toward

achieving a specific goal that moves you forward in your job or career, or if

you are working to increase your flow of cash coming to you, the

attunement to Raphael & the Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram

Empowerment will work to help you achieve this.

Archangel Raphael is very aware of the economy and the negative energies

concerning money, abundance, and prosperity at this time in the world.

And so He has asked that I get the energies out there and make them

available to others as quickly as possible.

I realize the title of this system is long, but this is the title that Rapha

A new beginning and a new success

Work with these energies to help you to have draw strength, wisdom and the courage you have need to take action that bring you toward success, in order to achieve your dreams and goals and to create your life as you want it to be. These energies are powerful and It brings in changes that improve your finances, relationships and more. Useful to help shorten the time in getting from where you are at now at to where you want to be The Energies can be used anytime of the year ,every moment is right for a new beginning and a new success.

Positive attitude essence

Working with these energies is useful for enhance Self - Esteem, Access Self Confidence and Release fearfulness Greater self esteem is a boon to our lives in every way. When you feel good about yourself other people respond positively to us. This essence is also great for overcoming creative blocks. It is very helpful when you are in lacking inspiration .

The Supremacy over everyone and everything

Do not miss your opportunity to Receive the Attunement at these Energies daily used from people with of the ancient and secret knowledge of the Magic These Energies are strong and wonderful to triumph in every kind of business, financial, artistic, political. To obtain professional advancement or occupy high posts.

Orgasmic blessings

Receive this Attunement and working with these energies will help you with:

More body/mind/spirit connection Spiritual connection and Sexual ecstasy

Improving sexual health ,Sexual self-confidence and performance, more Sexual &Orgasmic pleasure

Increase feminine intuition ,sensibility ,Happiness & joy give you a rejuvenating effect and you feel more sexy Also can alleviate depression ,headaches and more

Dragon's blood essence

The dragon's blood is a precious resin extracted from a tropical tree, the Dracaena Draco.The esoteric tradition has always given him special powers. In the magic are many the ways to use the Dragon's Blood:,for example to solve problems related to sexuality or to promote a union of true love in the work of purification and in the formulas of exorcism to increase the power of the other ingredients in the formulas for power and defeat a opponent .

Mind control shield

Attempt Mind control is generally accomplished through a with energetic pressure of some kind that radiates certain thoughts into yours mind These are usually directed at you for a particular reason also with use of telepathy or black magic by other If people tend to sway your opinion easily you could be at risk These energies are useful for a general preventative sort of way as well as for use when you are under a specific assault mentally.

Sexual higher experiences

This Attunement and working with these great energies gift you.

More Sexual Potency and Sexual Healing .Release internal blocks and voltages and check your sexual energy .More longer Sexual Preliminary and deeper orgasm

Well being , joy and Mystical experiences .Energies also useful for Sexual spell .

Perfect health now

This Attunement and working with these energies will help with the Healing in general , useful for you or for your clients .Mainly Assists in assimilating in the right way nutrients from food . Energies very useful for the weight control or for lose weight .Furthermore are very strong energies for Strengthens the immune system , fight infections, act as a Natural tonic and anti oxidant ,Helps blood circulation ,Lowers cholesterol ,Helps strengthen the heart , slow down premature aging and improve skin health and much more

Vibration of extra -terrestrial origin

These are powerful metaphysical energies of extra -terrestrial origin .Working with these energies highly energizing will increase the can create an amazing healing response in the individual These energies if performed in combination of other systems healing , in the therapy session raises the vibration of other healing energy system this will create an overall stronger healing vibration.

Used to generate energy in any or all of the subtle bodies helps to stimulate chakras, all portions of the physical and subtle bodies depending on the our consciousness and intention.

Black protector

Very useful above all for us who whe work to do magical ,energy and mystical practices

These are a powerful energies for protecting against the negative energy of all kinds.

It eliminates any kind energy attachment and intention that harmful for us .

Helps to protect you against psychic attack and negative entities.

Are powerful energies also for purify the area where the negativity are located and absorb any negativity or disharmony that it encounters from its surroundings and sent by automatically to mother earth.

Inflammation and intolerance reduction

Inflammation is the body's natural response to outside influences that it deems to be a threat.

Working with these energies Inflammation and Intolerance effects Reduction is a way to help your body reduce the inflammation response and bring your body back into balance and health. Sometime many inexpensive processed foods have components in them which increase inflammation and intolerance reaction Some people can't afford to change their diet to more expensive foods. to use these energies Inflammation and Intolerance Effects Reduction every time you eat foods that are known to increase inflammation can help reverse the damaging effects of prolonged inflammation.

Auto Tranquil of Psychological Pressure by Ferry Puthut Handoko

year 2016 

Auto Tranquil of Psychological Pressure was channeled to build a strong shield for the mental health.

It works to all Chakras to manipulate and neutralize all the Psychological disorder; mental pressure in work, promotions test, deep fear of poverty, bad economy situation and even to deal with fear of school exams.

Auto Tranquil of Psychological Pressure was strongly help to smooth the flow of the oxygen to your brain and strengthen your logic thoughts.

It's a wonderful mental energizer to awaken the Faith of self abilities in resolving any stressful duty in your physical life.

It Help to get done all of your responsibility with a Powerful Psychological Confidence


Abundance Block Breaker Reiki by Argandini Titisari

year 2012-

Abundance Block Breaker is a system that helps you break the block of your abundance energy path and increase the energy of manifesting.

Benefits of this system are :

Brings good fortune

Assists you to opening your heart

Keeps your positive outlook

Helps you create money,

Brings joy and happiness

Opens the gate of manifestation

Releases you from any conscious and unconscious blocks

Brings clarity

Attracts abundance 

Against Envy Specific Energy

Against Envy Specific Energy year 2017

This Attunement is Particularly suitable for people who work in contact with the public

Are specific wonderful energies to prevent or to break evil eye , gossip, to get rid of jealousy, of envy and of those negativities accumulated during the day of work 

Alien Aura Devices Reiki by Stewart Farquarson

The Coming of the Star People

According to some metaphysicians and psychics our Earth has been visited by people from other planets

What does an Implant Look Like ?

To your inner eye these things may resemble simple shapes such as pyramids ,cubes ,cylinders and stars and spheres.Some have babed limbs.They do not move.Some twinkle and glow dimly.Some are concealed under a shimmeringlayer of light that males them transparent and ghost -like

The implants affect our reasoning ,our emotions and our psychic abilities.They don't usually cause physical harm because the aliens need us to be healthy and to breed .However our own resistance to these things may affect our health body

When you have detected an implant there are many ways you can remove or inactivate them 

Ancient Wisdom - Ancestors Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

year 2016

Ancient Wisdom-Ancestors Reiki connects you to higher energy source and to your ancestors.

The works to help draw in the ancient wisdom of ancestors. In days gone by the old ones Knew how to survive, how to thrive in nature, and how overcome obstacles. Many in the Circumstances information and wisdom of the ancient ways are still beneficial to us today. Though much has Been lost, and forgotten, the connection to ancestors may help you have a much more clear understanding of the past and of the important and helpful Things That are helpful in our lives once again. You can connect to the ancestors for protection, for healing, for wisdom in any area of your life, and more . The energies of this attunement is very loving as the ancestors want to see you succeed in your goals.

You can call on the Ancestors to teach you the old ways of wisdom, knowledge of nature, and to lend power to any spell or ritual. You can call Specifically upon your ancestors or just The Ancestors That have knowledge and wisdom for what you need assistance with. this system connects you to your ancestors quickly for empowerment and wisdom. it is a powerful reiki energy That can offer guidance through ancestors to open you up to new wisdom and knowledge of healing, facing challenges, and relationships, including abundance.

There is high energy infused in Ancient Wisdom-Ancestors 

Black Castle Protection by Jalu Wasonoadi

Black Castle Protection

Black Castle Protection is a powerful system for protecting against the negative energy of all kinds.

This helps to protect you against psychic attack and negative entities.

Purify the area Where the negativity are located, also reacting with the electro-magnetic field including yours Televisions, computers, radio, cell-phone and the large number of other electrical devices

That seem to be essential these days that's harm to us, this absorb any negativity or Disharmony that it encounters from its surroundings and sent by automatically to mother earth.

Black Castle Protection also encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, Regardless of the circumstances that we find our self in. Black Castle Protection is powerful For healing and for psychic protection. Strengthen the immune system and overcome allergies. This is a wonderful aids for the professional healer and the average person who Wants an energy protection that will be a positive force for good in our life. 

Black Magic Breaking year 2017

These Energies are Powerful To repel demonic forces and other negative energy beings

The energy can be used to repel spells, curses, hexes and other forms of negative influences . 

Bam !!! Reiki by Linda Colibert

Bam !! Reiki is a high energy attunement that connects you to infinite Intelligence for guidance empowerment and protection

The energies of this attunement work like an explosion that causes blocks and negative energies to break up and fall away

Bam !!! Reiki works to smash and blast away psychic attacks of all kinds ,negative energies that surround you ,environmental and personal attachments that are not for your highest good and any other kinds of dark or negative energies ,thoughts or patterns that prevent your ability to be successful ,happy healthy and prosperous

Bam !!! Reiki totally crushes and breaks up psychic attacks of any kind no matter how strong or powerful the negative energy directed toward you may be ,and the shattered negative and harmful energies will just fall away

This system is very easy to use

Bam !! Reiki While we may not like to think that there are people out there who will send negative or harmful energies to us on purpose ,the fact is ,that there are some people who do this sort of thing are reacting out of one of the lower darker emotions such as anger ,jealousy and envy fear or they are psychic Vampires who feed on the chaos and negative emotions they create through their actions 

Black Storm Energetic by Ferry Puthut Handoko

Black Storm Energetic helpful to erase the bad old trauma.

It drives your soul for an incredible deep faith of self confidence and as a detoxification of inner wounds simultaneously.

Black Storm Energetic arouse the biggest and the deepest obsession for you to Encourage your Will to fight, run and struggling for glory of your personal dream achievement 

Body Power Cleaner by Jalu Wasonoadi

year 2013 

Body Power Cleaner brings a spiritual vibration That helps you clear up blockages in your meridians and aura in your field, and with clean your meridians and auric field this can Encourage the growth of your health physically and spiritually.

Body Power Cleaner helps you in optimizing the movement of energy in the body. it supports you to come back into harmony with the system of the universe. Body Power Cleaner very helpful in healing, especially in the chest area. Helps in improving blood circulation and accelerate cell regeneration.

This lovely energy is moving on up actively into the cell to aid in healing on all levels 

Cosmic Combinations Reiki by Tawan Chester

Combinations Cosmic Energy assists you in putting together arrangements That will work well for you.

These could be in your business or personal life.

The energy is limited only by you and what you choose to use it with.

Need help picking out the best outfit and accessories, furniture for a room or food for an event.

In the energy business can help you When Assigning people to projects, coming up with products or offers for you the customer base, advertising, etc.

Combination Cosmic Energies can assist you in any area.

This energy may help to tip the scales in favor of your direction by giving you an edge.

Your gain is not ill-gotten, but well deserved, as long as you are not causing someone or something to suffer by your gains

Allow the Cosmic energy Combinations to work with you to develop the most beneficial combinations for you 

Cancer Healing Essence by Hari Andri Winarso

Cancer Healing Essence was channeled to boost and maintain immune system to help you fight and kill cancer cells. This Cancer Healing Essence energy is an anti-oxidant energetic that helps protect against free radicals that damage cell membranes, alter DNA and kill healthy cells.

Cancer could be the result of emotional wounds, stress, anxiety and depression, and other negative emotions - This Cancer Healing Essence is also effective to assist you to release negative emotions, calm your mind, maintain positive mind and attitude because it is a very important aspect to fight cancer 

Business Traffic Generator by Maha Kamaleksana

Traffic is important part of our business That maintain the circulation of supply and demand are at the same point. Traffic is loading much information That we can learn in order to develop our business in its greatest point. The information Gathered to Analyzed and then present a conclusion of our business health. Traffic track is like the channels Within our energetic body or the blood vessel Within our physical body. And the energies or blood flow That Within it are substances That brings life properties to ourselves.

It loaded with passion, information, vitality, etc. It shows health been of us, as same as our business. When the traffic is jammed, obstructed or disturbed, our body is not in good health performance. This is potentially make a destruction or uncontrolled growth or imbalance That We're assumes it as illness or disease, and it could have deadly potential. It is not different at all When applied to our business field.

Traffic bring endless potential, information, substance, etc, That maintain our business in a good life cycle. And when to the traffic is in the problem, this shows us to introspection had toward our own business health . Mostly, we may Realized That our body into acute problem if any pains or illness or diseases are occur. And then we might just focus our intention on our energy or traffic circulation, Thus from there any information is to arise Explained what is the root of problem was. in the Realized business field as it may reverse. We may Realized That our traffic business problem, by we analyze the information That We Gathered from our business activities. then finally, the conclusion of business information can show our health state.Business 

Golden Divine Healing Force by Hari Winarso

year 2017 

Golden Divine Healing Force was channeled to bring a high force of multidimensional healing, so you will have an ability to (energetically) heal curable and incurable of physical, mental emotional and spiritual diseases. And it also gives you long distance healing ability and hands-on haeling ability with the same results.

Golden Divine Healing Forve will also upgrade your energy and ability from other healing modalities to the high level of power. 

Mystical Heart Essential Force by Hari Andri Winarso

year 2017 

Mystical Heart Essencial Force was channeled to warm your heart and heal the emotional wounds.

This force helps to release any kinds of negative emotions, ease loss, calm stress, relieve hurt, dissolve fear. It is also slowly easing childhood traumas, lack of love and low self-esteem.

Mystical Heart Essential Force will protect you from negative thinking and negative feeling such as fear, anger, hate, anxiety, etc. Then create feelings of positivity and optimism.

It really assists you to move forward, exploring new possibilities and experiences in your life with enthusiasm. It is also teaching and guides you intuitively about forgiveness, compassion and love. 

Energetic Antibiotic Essence by Hari Andri Winarso

 year 2016

Energetic Antibiotic Essence was channeled to help you to fight diseses, viruses, clean infections, boost your immune system, and also help you hela from certain diseases and wounds. Like as an ordinary antibiotics it can be used as an antibiotic for bacteria inside your body, and a great helper in flu and cold. 

Earthbound Spirits Flush by Winarso

from Winarso 

Earthbound spirits are disembodied people who have remained attached to the physical realm, that did not move into the after their physical bodies expired. Ghosts are lost souls, no matter how nice the ghost may seem. When the body dies, the spirit of the person should move unto the light, where loved ones and a feeling of peace, love, and joy are experienced. Departed pure and clean spirits may visit loved ones for different clan reasons and may become a spirit guides, or messenger (angels). Clean spirits are of light and come from the light. Earthbound spirit ( ghosts) are not of light, they are lost souls and are in darkness. That does not necessarily mean a ghost will have ill-intent, it simply means the condition of the disembodied spirit is unhealthy.

Earthbound Spirit Flush channeled as cleansing and protection tool hold a very powerful vibration of protection against. It helps you to:
- Assist ghosts(earthbound spirits) to leave an area.
- Protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations.
- Increase personal power and protect against fear envy.
- Ground spiritual energies.
- Protect from other people negativities.
- Cleanse negative energies, replacing them with loving energies.
- Increase well-being.
- Protect against and eliminate psychic attack.

Empath Protection Activation and Clearing by Tracey Loper

Anyone can use this system I know that one is no longer unconsciously influenced by the thoughts, emotions and moods of others.

It will clear any negative behaviors That have been adopted as a result of negative emotions and sensitivity to others such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.

This system will allow one to close oneself so that one is not

Constantly available to process other people's negative feelings and energy.

It will bring in the energy of self-love so that one can put oneself first and others second so that is a strong one, powerful, clear, clean and healthy empath. 

Golden Dreamline Realization by Ferry Puthut Handoko

year 2017 

Golden DreamLine Realization was channeled to remove any bad habits that stuck on you for a long time.

It will clean your energy pathways and purify your aura.

It stimulate self confidence in fulfill all challenges and awaken the bravery to fight for your dream.

Golden DreamLine Realization bring a strong vibrational encouragement for your soul to strengthen your faith to manifest your personal obsessions. 

Hexagram Protection Net by Hari Andri Winarso

year 2016 

Hexagram Protection Net was channeled to brings a high level of energetic protection.

Activates this Hexagram Protection Net will Creates an energetic net That ensnares negative external energies and entities. Also it is transmutes negative energy into positive to use for the highest and purest good. Hexagram Protection Net are Also excellent for energizing other energy healing modalities, crystals, essences, etc; and when to used in combination with any other modalities / techniques That it enhances effect 

Karma remover and light body mantra attunement by Ramon Martinez Lopez

The Karma Remover Prayer

The prayer clears the stains of karma in one's subconsciousness and book of soul-record (Akash)

It has to be chanted with full sincerity and Chant it once and the Almighty will remove the stains of karma That troubles you. chant it twice, and the cleansing effect would extend to your wife and child; chant it three times, it would remove the karmic stains of your family. If You Should chant it for 4x, even your parents would be purified and Your ancestors line up to seventh generation would be purified. Consider your inheritance That Has Been with energy store in your kidneys. it Allows you to be in your physical body and the information of your DNA it is purified also. 

Lawu Essence ( Mount Lawu Essence ) by Hari Winarso

 year 2012

Lawu Essence is a special energy essence ,it has an unique energy patter because we are only find Mount.Lawu at Indonesia

This Lawu Essence brings us a powerful energy of protection ,it protect us from metaphysical attacks ,evil eye and transmutes negativities into positive energies

It helps to to strengthen all chakras

Mentally the energy of Lawu Essence refresh the mind ,remove isolation and depression feelings 

Life Contracts Lightwork Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

Connects you to your higher self and the Akashic Council, as well as your Guides and Ascended Masters That Are working with you.

This system opens up your ability to consciously speak with your etheric advisors to understand, and even make changes to your life path contract.

There are times When We may have contracted in this life to experience something we are not yet ready for. There may be lessons we We discover we would prefer to learn in this lifetime That We were unaware of When We made the contract before being born.

You are allowed to make alterations to your contract, but you must go through the Akashic Council and your personal Guides, etc. in order to do this.

This system will help you to understand what is Involved, what steps to take, how to request changes to your Life Contract. For Those of you interested in this higher energy in depth attunement, you will find it to be very helpful and very insightful.

The manual covers more than the basics of working with this energy, your guides, and the council.

Blessings to Those Who choose to work with this energy and Their council for understanding and empowerment. May your path be revealed and your Contract be as you wish it to be. 

Love Elixir by Winarso

 year 2014

Love Elixir is a beautiful essence that magnifies and purifies your personal energy field.

It strengthens your personal energy field and thus makes you more attractive to other people

Love Essence helps you be in that state of happiness and completeness.

Not only will you attract love ,but the right kind of people as well .

Love Elixir specifically helps you in attracting love into your life 

Fall In Love Essence by Ananda Jyothsana

Fall In Love Essence hen you read or hear the title of this modality, perhaps you are That thinking if it is using something to make someone fall in love to you or to attract love from peoples to you. That is right, but this essence having deeply purposes than that ... Fall In Love Essence helps to break the old patterns and release the pain form the past so you are less Likely to repeat past mistakes. There are there to help you easily to move onward and upwards. You need to make someone fall in love to you or attract love from someone? You are anche in the right way - Fall In Love Essence do them for you 

MACAN SEWU by Hari Andri Winarso

Macan Sewu has a meaning "A Thousand Tigers", this one magickal power is very powerful to protect yourself and your home / properties from psychic and physical intrusion - from robbers, thieves, negative entities, black magic, etc. The magical power of Macan Sewu builds an invisible fortress that like a thousand of tiger spirit. 

Madame Lenormand empowerment

This system helps you with prophecy,psychic skills,clairvoyance and tarots reading linking you with the energy of madame Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand,of of the most famous psychic reader in the world.

Magickal Personal Life Essence by Hari Winarso

year 2017 - 

Helps to attract abundance and prosperity and tob e famous.

A powerful magnetic field will create and activate atound you to attract windfalls, attract money and financial blessings from all directions. It helps you to progress financially, to prosper and to acquire abundance. 

Magickal Purification Essence by Hari Andri Winarso

Magickal Purification Essence was channeled to clear and purify you from any negativities and negative influences from others or from the environment. It also is excellent to heal you by removing the effects of any vows, curse, emotional attachments, etc. Magickal Purification Essence encourages you to be ready to release all the negativities, past hurts and traumas. 

Magickal Spell Amplification by Hari Anri Winarso

year 2018 - 

Magickal Spell Amplification was channeled and created to increase the power and boost the potential of spells, making the spells more powerful and have a durable effects than usual. It is not only works for magickal spells, but also useful to boost the power of your affirmation.

Magickal Spell Amplification helps your affirmation becoming more effective and powerful, it may makes your wish in your affirmation will be manifested soon in a short time. 

Mastering Fear Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

year 2014

Mastering Fear Reiki connects to your Higher Self and Spirit Bringing forth Within the light to overcome fears and master. Fear holds you back and keeps you down When you know you need to become 'more and be true to yourself. It is fear That stops you in your tracks from accomplishing your goals or seeking happiness. Master your fears, and awaken the inner power to overcome all forms of fear and live in happiness. Mastering Fear Reiki Anytime you feel fear, you are immobilized energetically. 

Medication By Product Remover by Mariah Windsong

year 2013

Medication By-Product Remover Master fromhelps your body to quickly shift the by-products from toxic into water soluble ones that can easily be excreted.

When prescribed medications are used as instructed they can improve people's lives and help our body in many ways. Most medications need to be transformed before a body can excrete them. This is because the characteristics of medications which enable them to be absorbed deep into your body's cells to do their job are the same characteristics which make them unlikely to leave the cells and go away.

If you are taking medications regularlyThis energy system allows for the proper function of your prescribed medication to happen for you. When your body starts to act upon the medication, changing it toward the form it will need to assume in order to be removed from your body that is when this energy system is most beneficial. 

My spiritual transformation by Scion

Some Properties of this Attunement :

Promotes spiritual development, useful for increase your concentration and it helps for open the Third Eye . These energies also are very useful for Travel / Astral Projection Helps with psychic abilities Clairvoyance etc..., useful in clarity and for understanding with visionsand for viewing intuitive images. 

Magickal and Prophecy Wisdom - by Scion

These are wonderful energies from the world of magic,prophecy and witchcraft.

In particular,are associated with omens, prophecy and divination.

It might be time to start strengthening these aspects in your spiritual life, or alternatively it might be time to start paying attention to the omens, dreams and hunches you might be getting.

These energies are a support useful for the people they already know how to live within the light and the dark simultaneously and understand the pros and cons of both.

Migraine healing

Year 2017

A migraine attack can cause nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light or other ailments.

Such attacks can last for several hours or even days.

The migraine energy healing helps and these attacks are attenuated over time.

Energy goes directly to the cause, because the energies find their way as they want to act. 


year 2018 -

Miracle Of Happiness Empowerment was channeled and created to infuse positive energy to you, bliss and joy. This empowerment stimulate your mind to experience more uplifting feelings, attract things that make you feel happy and enjoy more in life. Miracle Of Happiness Empowerment will make the feelings of joy and happiness spread throughout your body and overflow into your soul. You will always radiate positive energy to your environment and everyone around you when you feel happy - And when you feel happy, you will attract more abundance, and attract only positive experiences and people into your own life. 

Miracle Manifestation Empowerment by Hari Andri Winarso

year 2016 

Miracle Manifestation Empowerment was channeled to help you to create a strong connection with the energy of abundance and prosperity. it will deeply teach you intuitively That You Can Achieve and manifest anything That you wish in any side of your life and assists you to Fulfill your wishes and desires shortly. It brings many positive things in your life, so you can live your life happily and joyfully. 

Money Flood Empowerment Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

year 2015

Money Flood Empowerment Reiki connects you to spirit, higher self, and creative source energy, to open the flood gates Which Allows money to flood in.

The energies of this system is powerful. It draws money to you and helps you be ready to receive and use it wisely. You may feel as sense of uplifting and joy as you work with the energies in this system . this will draw to you more money from unexpected sources as well. using the energies of this system helps you to be in the right place at the right time for opportunities to increase to your cash flow.

The energies of this system, connect you to abundance flow in the form of money, your higher self, and Infinite Intelligence for empowerment. it works to help you access the stored abundance you have created in the etheric world.

Everything you have ever wanted in a positive way is Already created and it is waiting for a plan That is yours alone for you to claim it in the physical realm. Money Flood aligns your energies to be in harmony with money and empowers you to connect to abundance on all levels. 

Aradia queen of the witches emporment

Aradia is one of the most important Goddesses in Italian Witchcraft, also known as Sregheria. Mythology says that Aradia was sent to Earth by her mother, Diana, the Great Goddess of the Witches and faeries so she could teach Witchcraft to humanity and bring the revival of the ancient pagan religion. She can help with the following:

Protection of witches,Increasing the power of spells,Tuning with the energies of nature,Divination

Blessing and consecrating,Calling and talking to spirits,Knowing hidden things Secret Signs,Curing illness

Angels of the moon

Is the Moon that most influences the practice of magic, than any other world in heaven. Without their energies, we couldn't experience the flowing and the food of life. These Angels focus on feelings, emotions and in sensibilities. They help rid of habits and fulfilling the needs and desires that satisfy emotional needs.

Anger release empowerment

Many people have unresolved anger issues, whether out of fear of expressing anger or being "stuck" in the angry energy. This empowerment helps release the energy in a safe, loving way.

Anger is not always on the surface. While some people quite obviously wear their anger on their sleeves, many others stuff their anger deep down inside where it is hard to see. This system helps you to let go your anger

Love Energy Resonance by Winarso

from Hari Winarso 

Like as the name "Love Energy Resonance", this modality is the strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing. This love is all encompassing : love for yourself, your partner, your children your community and the whole world ! Love of your country and your fellow human beings is encompassad within this energy influence.

Love Energy Resonance is also an energetic modality whose powerful love will resonate to the whole body and heal all chakras. This has a powerful effect to aid your emotional healing and helps heal relationship problems.

It will bestow a peaceful and calming sensation that can assist in healing of the heart by dissolving anger and resentment. It will enable you to heal old negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy ... from past experiences.

This energy will resonate put the love energy into its surrounds. Not only will it assist you with healing yourself but its energy may bring faith and hope to all in the vicinity. One of the facts about Love Energy Resonance that is very important is its effectiveness at healing personal relationships. 

Love Care by Winarso

Love Care has the pureness of intense deep love and its vibration has the intensity to Reawaken lost love and passion . This resonance energy Within You, may remove your sense of neutrality or apathy about love if you acquiesce to its loving energy. This is an energy of unconditional love, Love Care aid our spirituality and health as it will connect to the energy of the higher heart chakra and aid us to awaken spiritually to higher states of consciousness. Through the movement of the energy of Divine love that engenders this energy, it Allows for an intense growth in our spirituality. As we open our heart fully to begin to feel the vibrations of Divine love within , astounding differences are possible if you desire to go with the changes. Love Care resonate energy That correlates with the physical heart and this energy to boost the health of the heart and may stabilize blood pressure. it Provide helpful ways to relieve stress as they will assist the release of stress. As the negative vibrations are cleared. 

Lucky Luck Flush by Ferry Puthut Handoko

Give a stabilization of mental and emotional When dealing with money. It leads you to be a depositor And Also a smart expander simultaneously. Lucky Luck Flush pull in any luck around to getting closer and affordable for you. It helps to eliminated the problem with debt And Also helps to assume financial independence by correctly aligning with the acceptance of financial responsibility and gives one better ability in the management of money. It also very good to Encourage the upgrade of your career, enhances leadership ability, self confidence, power, executive ability and inner strength 

Lucky Hoodoo Reiki by Stewart Farquharson

There is a school of folk magic called Hoodoo and it comes from the Caribbean and New Orleans So how does this all telate to Reiki ? Well,we can attune to the healing energy in herbs and the oracle of seashells simply enough We can soothe the ancestors and accept any helpful advice they have to give us We can make ethereal reiki " bundles " of actual minerals ,herbs ,drawings ,and oils to give as ethereal gris-gris We can make ethereal floor -wash with our reiki knowledge to clean up a room's energy And we can become at ease with all this and mentally shake our gourd rattle and warn away mischievous entities with the authority of our hands and hearts 

The Success Flush by Winarso

by Winarso

The Success Flush is a from nature energy activation that is really extraordinary in a human self. By getting The Success Flush activation, we can use the energies in our body, and wit the extraordinary potencies in our body.
The Success Flush accesses and activates two of greatest powers of human: MIND POWER and SOUL POWER, and two that greatest powers of human will be upgrade with a biggest power and pure in this universe, The GOD Power ... a power that never false and move with its own orderliness pattern. The GOD Power is a power that usually used by Lhamas in TIBETAN as lucky power, abundance power, wealth power, the lucky patron. Abundance - Wealth ... this power is known by the name of DZAMBAHALA(Jambhala). 

Toxic Family Shield by Stephanie Brail

By Stephanie Brail

The Toxic Family Shield is a simple method of psychic protection that works to protect from the negative energy of family members. It shield from toxic psychic energy while projecting an energy of love and comfort to the problem family members. It can be effective whether the problem family members are close or at a distance.

We are tied to our family members in ways we are not with most of our friends and colleagues that we meet in other areas of our life. Our parents in particular have a tremendous effect on us that extends beyond childhood. While we may love parents, we may still have to deal with their dysfunctional psychology and issues. Siblings, in-laws and other family members can also be a source of distress and challenge. 

Universal Spiritual Harmony by Winarso

This Universal Spiritual Harmony will attune you to the some of being important spiritual symbols of universal harmony from a range of different cultural backgrounds ùEach has excellent and wonderful energy who can help you in your life .Ganesh is a well known symbol commonly seen throughout India

Fairy ,Faries are found all over the earth and are usually sweet and helpful though they can be mischievous as well Quan Yin ,is the bodhisattva of compassion .Aum is the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the Universe ,the original sound that contains all other sounds Angel ,the Angel brings us messages to guide and protect us and comes with a frequency of unconditional love Unicorn ,the Unicornis a mystical beast ,famous for its virtue ,courage and strength,symbolize purity ,elegance and charm ,are also said to possess the power to grant wishes .Yin Yang ...represent harmony and balance and illustrates the concept of unity in duality the underlying state of the Universe Green Tara ..embodies the transcendent wisdom and compassion of the enlightened mind White Dove ,,,is a symbol of peace which has spread all over the world though its origins are from the ancient strory of Noah Medicine Buddha ,the blue of his body reflects the blue stone lapis lazuli which is traditionally used for healing wisdom and compassion 

Negative Emotional Remover by Argandini Titisari

Negative Emotional Remover is useful for energizing the emotional body. Abuse issues, addiction issues, deeply ingrained fears, and anger. It has the capacity to produce self-forgiveness and forgiveness that can be applied in groups. This system include 3 extra tools : Transition Stress Attunement Mental Alertness Attunement Emotional - Spiritual Harmony Attunement 


The purpose of this energetic system is to clear out patterns, programs, beliefs, feelings, memories and be haviors around and associated with anger, impatience, rage, road rage, resentment and berserker genetics. This includes Expressed, repressed and suppressed anger, rage and resentment And some of it is genetic in genetics berserker That was considered highly desirable for past warrior civilizations here. Also this energy transmutes beliefs, feelings, memories and past experiences That may reinforce or support anger, rage, resentment, road rage and impatience. It helps you to clear, heal and release stuck emotions and negative emotional programming. Helps you to feel positive more about your life and to be fluid emotionally. This system has 3 symbols: Negative Patterns Blasting. Transmutation. Unconditional Love Infusion. You can use this energetic system by itself or work with other healing modalities, such as Reiki, etc. 

Powerful Business Bound by Ferry Puthut Handoko

Powerful Business Bound generated at tremendous bond between you and your partner or clients.

It promotes each other, from both of you. It gives a line to you opportunity, to get closer and closer than ever before. You will feel you have success and never ending happiness

Money Reiki for A New Reality by Stephanie Brail

This is a Money Reiki system meant as a supplement to the original Money Reiki system, or as a standalone. This system will help create a bubble of prosperity around you even if the economy is bad. This is not necessarily financial riches (no promises are made, of course), but prosperity to help you be a leader/lightworker during these times. Three symbols are provided. You do not need to be attuned to Money Reiki to receive this system. Once attuned to Money Reiki for a New Reality, you can immediately attune others. 

Money Magnetic Energetic Device by Hari Winarso

Money is a mindset. That's why some people who have money find it easier to get . It's not about how the money Generates more money, but rather That Those who know how to make money are in that 'mode' of thinking and find it easier to continue to do. Money Magnetic Energetic shifts your Device consciousness so you can start thinking of new ways to get money flowing to you right away When you receive the attunement you are begin to feel a shift in your mindset. You will becoming aware about the concept of money as it properly. and you will begin to understand and believe That money is not something That is difficult to obtain. Thus you and your life is no longer controlled by money, but the money are controlled by you. Say Goodbye to That mental block keeping you from becoming a financial force to be reckoned with. 

Money Miracles Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

year 2016

Are there times When you need money fast? Times When there is a sense of That urgency you get what you need in time? This system is a powerful That energy uses the Universal Law of Urgency. When there is a need and a time frame in cui you need to manifest something this universal law brings it to you. It works for more than just money, but the foundation of this system is to create more money flowing to you. It is a positive energy That taps into the Universal Energy Source to activate the Law of Urgency. It works quickly and is easy to use. Money Reiki Miracles Whenever you have a need with a time limit on it, there is a sense or feeling of urgency. It must be a need to draw in money for whatever positive reason, by a specific time frame. This energy is powerful and I have used it many times with great success, though at the time, I was not aware of it as Universal law of Urgency until recently. There are a combination of things That Happens When You use this energy, and there is a fine line between working with the energy of urgency Which is positive energy, and desperation Which is negative energy. You want to stay with and work with positive energy. So what happens is instead of visualizing all the gloom That comes with doom and desperation, you see only the positive result and you know it will manifest, but you are working with time as a time limit. I have to have this amount of money for (whatever it is) by this date. You see the money coming and you feel the urgency of needing it by That Time or dates. 

Money Toad Essence - by Winarso

The Jin Chan (Chinese: pinyin: jin chàn; literally "GoldenToad", also called Chan Chu (Chinese: pinyin: chanchù; literally "the Toor "Zhaocai Chan Chu" (Chinese: pinyin: zhaocài chanchù; literally "wealth - beckoning toad", isually translated with "Money Toad" or " Monery Frog". It represents a popular Feng Shui for prosperity.

This mythical creature is said to appear during full moon, near houses that will receive good news ( most of the time, the nature of these good news is understood to be wealth-related).

According tone legend, the Jin Chan was the greedy wife of one of the eight immortals, who was transformed into a toad as punishment for stealing Peaches of immortality.

It is usually depicted as a bullfrog with red eyes,, flared nostrils and only one hind leg, sitting on a pile of traditional Chinese cash, with a coin in its mouth. On its back, it often shows 7 diamond spots symbolizing the Big Dipper, which plays an important role in Chinese astrology.

According to Feng Shui belief, it helps to attract and protect wealth, and to guard against bad luck. 

The Elemental Pentagram & Magic Circle by Anna May

The Pentagram Course Elemental Empowerment includes the magic circle. In this course you work to balance your energy field by invoking the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

These elements are represented by the ancient symbol of the Pentagram. This pentagram is often represented in a circle and when depicted inside a circle is a symbol of protection.

This 5-star detected within a circle represents the Magic Circle, which I invoke, during my spell in personal rituals and is used by Wiccans and pagans or used as a preparation for the compensation of a sacred space to be used for meditation, rituals, spells and so on.

The club acts as a protective barrier and also ensures that the power of the 5 elements is contained and that the energies that have called are contained within the circle without dissipate before the job is complete.

This is an excellent introduction to those of you who would like to explore the shamanic and pagan practices for the greater good.

The course includes


The Pentagram the Magic Circle, Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit, magic circle as a sacred space magic circle and concentration power spell of the magic circle and called staves.

The opening of the circle, Elemental Invocations, Healing Circle, Simple spells and magic, Consecrate sacred objects.

Preparation for the allocation of your powers Empowerment process.

Facilitate the granting of powers to others.

You receive empowerments distant from each of the elemental staves Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit to help boost the energy vibration after activations.

Once you have studied and practiced the contents of this course you are able to pass the course and the assignment of powers to others.

Recovery Enhancement Essence by Hari Andri Winarso

year 2018 -$50

Recovery Enhancement Essence was channeled to helps you and give you fast recovery's ability.

This essence will increases the speed of your recovery time from any negative conditions and negative effects of something, such as dizzy, poisoning, pain, shocked, drunk, losing balance, tired, etc.

Recovery Enhancement Essence will helps to restore you to the optimum health, and bring you a greater health, vitality, and perfect condition.

Psychometry Energetic Device Manuela Marques

Psychometry Energetic Device ™ Is an energetic device system.


• Divining the Past • Divining the Future • Divining the Present • Making Accurate Predictions • Uncovering the Truth • Spiritual Visions • Akashic Records Access

What is a psychometry Energetic device?

It is an Energetic tool, whose energy When applied will assist you in Amplifying and enhancing your Psychometric ability. Psychometry comes from the Greek: ψυχή, psukhē, ​​"spirit, Soul "and μέτρον metron, measure. Psychometry is a form of Psychic reading many consider It is a form of scurrying. Psychometry is the ability to do A psychic reading by which a Person obtains details via Physical contact with Someone's possessions by Holding or touching. Hester Drowden, world Acclaimed medium, has Ascertained psychometry is the Power to divine the history of And even events connected to a Material object. Professor Robert Buchanan, Coined the term and was the First to experiment with psychometry.

Portal Reiki Healing & Empowerment by Daelyn Wolf

Portal Reiki Healing & Empowerment works to heal body, mind, and spirit. The energies grant empowerment as you learn how to use this energy for healing physical and emotional wounds, as well as working toward healing illness and disease. Also it empowers you as the energies can assist you in manifesting abundance, success, and healthy relationships. The energy connects you with the highest source energy for healing and empowerment. This is a powerful energy that works on stubborn issues and hard to heal illnesses. We know there is a realm of energy That is above and around us. An energy realm where the etheric and the well potential lives and thrives. and we Know That if we can connect, we can manifest our desires.

Tumor Release Reiki by Tawan Chester

Tumor Release energy addresses the various stages of a tumor . It is an aggressive energy similar to the Cancer Relief energy, but the two areas (tumors, cancer) are and can be very different. prerequisites: Anyone may receive but you must be a Reiki Master to pass attunement. You may also Chelating find Reiki to be helpful. Do Not use this system or any system That I present to replace the medical care or attention of a regular physician. Reiki is used as a supplemental aid and holistic and not as alternating medicines or care. It works in a subtle manner and can address many different aspects of your being. Always Consult your Physician early When the need arises. Tumor Release Energy Tumors or abnormal growths Appear Throughout the body in all shapes and sizes. They are Caused by many different things. Most are an excessive accumulation of cells. The body They could be producing too many and they find a common place to adhere to; or the body is reproducing cells at a normal rate but the old cells are not shedding as they Should. On the other hand, These can be the result of cells That are no longer of use to the body but will not pass out of the body. They adhere to an internal surface Resulting in a lump or mass. Also they can be the result of pollutants in the environment or foreign matter Introduced into the body. In any case, the abnormal growth or mass has the potential to turn into cancer but does not always do so. The human body, being the most intricate organism That We Know, Adjusts to everything That comes into contact with it. The body is always striving to reach or maintain optimum health.

Unfortunately, we do not always keep in mind That point but allow our actions to be guided by our tastes, likes, dislikes, emotions, etc. what our body needs usually you comes last. Researching the causes of tumors and Preventing them is an ongoing battle and the results are slow in coming. Tumor Release Focuses energy on every stages of a tumor. this energy will look to dissolve, loosen and / or breakup any tumorous mass So That the body may pass it. Also tumor release energy may be used as a preventative maintenance to help body pass the excess cells before they adhere to a surface. Like other forms of Reiki, the system of energy can be used on oneself or others as Often as one feel it's needed.

Vortex Laser Reiki By Argandini Titisari

Vortex Laser Reiki has 4 levels.

Vortex Laser Reiki is very effective to heal all kinds of diseases but will more effective on all of these above conditions and on a wide arena of less physical based diseases such as mood swings, emotional crises, anger, mental illness, depression, tension, anxiety, trauma, feelings of not being good enough, feelings of being unworthy, sexual dysfunctions, sexual abuse, jealousy, self esteem issues, phobias, dogmas, being stuck, grief, loss, betrayal self sabotage, and fear of success/failure resulting in financial problems. Even having a lack of money or a poverty consciousness are conditions, which can be healed.

Generally, benefits of Vortex Laser Reiki:

- ; Heals and cleans ourselves and others.

- ; Reinforces the positive aspects of the physical, mental and energetic planes.

- ; Increases the healthy flow of energy, mastery of energy.

- ; Enhances your positive relationship with the universe, resulting in improved harmony and balance.

- ; Develops enhanced healing, regeneration.

Vortex Laser Reiki has 4 levels, that is:

1 - Level: After you have attune the first level of Vortex Laser Reiki, you can fully capable of heal and cleanse the physical diseases yourselves and other people at hands-on healing session.

2 - Level: At this attunement, your energy of Vortex Laser Reiki will strengthened, increased, and enhanced for 300% from the first level. After you have receive the attunement of this second level, you can heal and cleanse the Physical and Astral Plane (Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body)from any negativity and also doing a distance healing (remote healing).

3 - Level: This attunement will increased 900% from the second level. At this level you can heal and cleanse the Spiritual Plane (Etheric Template, Celestial Body, Ketheric Template).

4 - Level (Master Level): This level have a same abilities, energy quantity and quality with the Third Level, a different between the 3 rd level and this level, you have capacity to attune other in the Level 1,2,3,and 4. 

Storm of Success by Ferry Puthut Handoko

Storm of Success is a powerful energetic tool to fulfill your life with the biggest achievement and extraordinary success.

It blow up every obstacles and blockage in you and lead you to a beautiful bright line for the biggest success in your life. Storm of Success will bring a density of success, no one can deny your success, no one can hold your success. No matter what you doing for living, Storm of Success will facilitate your journey for Success and reaching the desired wealth. 

Synchronistic Reiki - All Things Come Together - by Daelyn Wolf

Synchronistic Reiki connects you to the higher universal energy of source. It works to help bring things together so that what you desire to manifest comes together for complete achievement quickly and in unison. Whatever you goal, desire, or need, you have to have people, places, and things to come together for it to manifest in the physical realm. Synchonistic Reiki-All Things Come Together, sets the energy in motion to help you manifest your desire faster, and easier. It brings together all that you need to achieve your goals quickly and easily. 

Tulip Passion Reiki by Alec Summers

It is a very simple system for Reiki Masters which incorporates only five symbols which are created with the hands.

Tulip Passion Reiki works on a situation to break down barriers either between a couple or that an individual has unconsciously created.

It will help you to be more approachable and less angry so that you will feel that you are more capable to work on your relationship, or bring a soul mate into your life or heal your heart so that you can move forward in your life.

It also helps you to let go of a relationship that is no longer working. Remember, we cannot control everything, sometimes it is to our highest good to let a partner go, but Tulip Passion Reiki will help you to heal and move on with your life. 

Usada Jagad by Hari Winarso

This magickal empowerment helps heal all sorts of ailments / illnesses permanently.

The power of this is permanent. Short mantra - Simple to use

Soulmate Connection Essence by Winarso

Is a compassion and love energy It brings positive changes to the two lovebirds It will stimulates leadership in a special relationship with your patrner. This raises the unbroken indipendent spirit and makes a great change in your self -awareness of the greates of unconditional love . This energy facilitates new passion to express yourself and your ambitions in every way. 

Soul Money - from Stephanie Brail

The Soul Money Empowerment helps you connect to your soul's inner

wisdom to receive guidance in regards to money. It can help you

receive better answers on how to earn more money as well as how to

manage it better. The empowerment will open you up to receive more

intuitive inspiration and insight into your particular situation. It can also

be shared with clients to help them as well. 

Social Media Booster by Hari Andri Winarso

Social Media Booster was channeled and created to helps you to become famous in any social media by infuse positive energy to you and your social media's page, it will makes everyone who looks your social media's page attracted to become your followers.

Social Media Booster will boost your creative energy and make your mind are full of inspiration, and also always find amazing new and fresh ideas easily -- So any contents (texts, images, videos, etc) you posted on your social media's page are interesting, fresh, and inspiring others.

It will makes your contents getting a lot of LIKES, COMMENTS, and SUBSCRIBES.

By practicing this Social Media Booster continuously, it will build new connections and relationships with others through social media with ease, and makes you enjoy interacting with them. Practicing it continuously will also improve your social media skills each and every day. Shortly, Social Media Booster helps you to become popular on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouYube), and helps you to become a successful Blogger and Vlogger. 

Sleep and Rest Blessings - by Scion

year 2017

These are an deeply calming and magical energies . Working with these energies helps you in particular for the night rest. Are very useful for removes stress, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, depression, tension physically and mentally, etc. 

Silvermoon Energy Treatment by Winarso

Vibrating with the feminine wisdom, has a reflective, calming energy. The energy help to strengthen intuition and psychic perception and brings balance and harmony.

Silvermoon Energy Treatment is most benifical on the Sacral Chakra, but it also connects Sacral Chakra and Third Eye Chakra for emotional balance and gracefulness. It is, as well used to balance the Heart Chakra, in helping us discern what we want and what we need .. As they do not come from the same place. Silvermoon Energy Treatment can assist us in absorbing those necessary things in life, while helping us discern what is merely wanted. Silvermoon Energy Treatment will help achieve a balance between heart and mind without losing the gentleness and caring needed. Yet keep the emotions in check to allow us to function properly.

Silvermoon Energy Treatment assist with female issues and with childbirth. By unblocking the lymphatic system. It can heal and balance the stomach, pancreas, and pituitary gland. It can reduce swelling and excess body fluid. Silvermoon Energy Treatment allow for getting more peaceful sleep, and is often used as a cure for insomnia.

Silvermoon Energy Treatment is also gently protective. It helps one connect with the feminine side pf one's nature as well as the Goddess. It reveals the truth behind illusions and will help to unmask hidden or secret enemies.

This energy enhances the psychic, for true seeker of higher spiritual development and wisdom, this energy will open the gateway to the subconscious; At the same time it will not permit entrance by any who are not ready for the experience. Silvermoon Energy Treatment helps with making communication with our guides easier. 

Wijaya Kusuma Essence by Maha Kamaleksana

Wijaya Kusuma is a flower that has a mystical and sacred meaning for the Javaness people of antiquity

The meaning of Wijaya is Victory and Kusuma is flower ,thus Wijaya Kusuma is the Flower of Victory / Bloom of Victory

The interest has become one of the rare flower and full of mystery

It is said that ancient kings in Java Island who would ascend to the throne should be picking the wijaya Kusuma flower which is in the state of bloom

This flower grows only on an island that is located in the south of the island of Java and had to cross the Indian Ocean which is very dangerous

When getting them of course he would be king ,if returned safely to the islad of Java

And those who can see her blossom believed to be smoothly sustenance ,quickly achieve success and growwealth faster.

Another speciality Wijaya Kusuma Flower only blooms in the middle of the night, and only for a moment, and the next morning the flowers have withered back. In addition, not all flowering plants Wijaya Kusuma easily. It all depends on the weather climate, temperature, soil fertility, moisture, air, and how they are maintained.

Wijaya Kusurma Essence has victorious enrgy of Divine which is suitable as an intermediate or inner wisdom attempting to bring wealth and prosperity and true love. It raises for the job and vitality of the life force.

Wijaya Kusuma efficacious cure various diseases; treat stomach pain, anti-inflammatory, stop bleeding, cure cough, asthma medications and others.

Ita Energy Level is Extraordinary to:

Attracts success and glory.

Emits glamour and elegance aura.

Expedites sustenance, the swift and smooth fortune of business venture.

Power transmitters aura of affection.

activates our heart energy as a flower bloom. 

The Sensual Seductress Reiki Attunement by Linda Kaye

The purpose of this attunement is for the women; however, men can be attuned to the Sensual Seductress Attunement to help them connect with their sensuality and to draw in a Sensual Seductress or what ever they wish to create. The Sensual Woman is a Sensual Seductress. She possesses feelings of being empowered to accomplish anything she wants in her life. It also means that she is fearless in her pursuit of love, joy,happiness, success and prosperity. 

Sacred Ring Protection by Ferry Puthut Handoko


Sacred Ring Protection able to protect from even a huge and powerful malicious attack.

It also bring peace and comfortable state in your mind and felling. Mentally, Sacred Ring Protection will strengthen the faith and confidence of your true ability. An extraordinary protection for your home, your business and especially for you, for your family and the beloved one. 

Sacred Guides of Transition - by Scion

year 2017

This Empowerment is useful for helping others to cross the celestial realms

This Empowerment gives you the authority to invoke these Sacred Guides for anyone who needs of their assistance. Particularly to help every spirit that is no longer in the body to pass over 

Sales & Marketing Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

year 2018

Sales & Marketing Reiki connects you to spirit and higher energy realms for helping with improving business, sales, and raising income. It works along the lines of better business energies but with a focus on sales and marketing. The energies work to bring in more sales by drawing new clients and customers that are in alignment with your energies and your business energies. It never "magicks" anyone but opens the path for like energies and those who are in tune with the energies of what you are selling (business or personal) to become aware of it for the increase in sales. The energies are powerful and work to attract new customers and those interested in similar items and business for more sales and improved success. It can also help with selling your home, car, and other things you may want to sell. It helps draw those who would be happy with and love these things. Everything has its own energy those who love the items and things you sell are on the same energy level with those things. They are brought together with universal energy that is the basis for Law of Attraction. Like attracts like, but with a boost of power. 

Road Opener Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

If you have ever felt blocked, Unable to continue your path to success, or just feeling a lack of ability to create anything in your life, this system may be helpful to you. We all experience times When We work very hard, but just can not get anything done, or make any progress at all. This is most Often Caused by a blocked path. This blocked road to success can hold you back and prevent you from and achieving your goals. We need to open the road to our success and happiness When this happens. Road Opener Reiki connects you quickly to the higher energies to remove blocks and souce open your path to success and happiness. 

Holy Voice Empowerment by Hari Andri Winarso

Holy Voice Empowerment was channeled and created to strengthen the power of your voice.

It will infuse Divine energy to your voice and makes your voice becoming powerful for healing, cleansing, purifying yourself, others and or environment. It makes you have an ability to remove and eliminate negative energies and dark forces, including any kinds of their negative effects only by your voices / instructions. Holy Voice Empowerment is also makes your voice becoming attractive and influential. You will have a magnetic voice that attract attention from others and makes them love to hear your voice, so you can affecting the others easily. Holy Voice Empowerment are very useful for a Public Speaker, Negotiator, Motivator, Business-man/woman, hypnotherapist, and many other professions.

The Forgiveness Flush Empoverment by Jay Burrell

Forgiveness is a decisión to let go of resentements and thoughts of revenge.

Will find all information for use in the manual. 

Light of Forgiveness - from Stephanie Brail

his is perhaps one of the most powerful Reiki systems you may ever work with, and it may also be one of the most simple. Light of Forgiveness Reiki is a special form of Reiki energy that helps to heal and cleanse the individual of old hurts, griefs, or issues that are causing a lack of love of the self or others.

By using Light of Forgiveness Reiki, you are releasing what are often deep, embedded issues that might normally be difficult to heal. The Light of Forgiveness is a powerful energy that will sweep through and clear out these energies in a comprehensive but gentle way. 

Light Rain from Winarso Clears negative

Light Rain is an excellent energy for Heart Chakra

flushes and heals heart blocks (loss, hurt, guilt, fear) for allowingness, self-forgiveness, peace of heart, patience. Keeps one light, love, and healing daily. On Throat, expressing feelings, verbal and artistic creativity, thyroid. Also heart bloodsugar, and emotional balance. High conductivity from copper draws out pain, heat (fevers, inflammations, arthritis), Excellent therapeutic assistance for healing loss, incest traumas. Cleanses auric field. It helps one feel more comfortable speaking the truth. Help develop personal confidence.

Bet, the primary and benefits of Light Rain is to clears negative energy. When we are experiencing negative energy and the stress that comes with it, we feel negative emotions. This means that we are more likely to act or speak aggressively or negatively in order to try to release some of the negativity we feel. Light Rain protects you from being inundated with negative energy because it filters the energy that is around your body, cleansing negative energy and transforming it into energy that is beneficial to you: energy that you can dram from to feel stronger, more powerful and more positive. Light Rain helps you in clearing negative energy from yourself and your immediate surroundings.

Light Rain has the effect of filtering the energy frequencies of illness and transforming them into energy that can be used by the body to support its functions. In addition, the harm that is caused to the body the stressful feelings people feel when exposed to negative energy is reduced.

The amplified powers of the Light Rain are right next to your body, above your heart, clearing negative energy from your body.

Work with Light Rain makes you feel good - happier, more loving and more generous. The Light Rain makes you a generator of positive energy. People will want to be around you and get along with so that they too can be near your positive energy.

Work with Light Rain curb the energy drain that happens from exposure to negative energy, leaving you with more power and vivacity. 

… attunements coming soon…….

Magick Reiki by    DAELYN   WOLF

Magick Reiki Intuition Boost

Magick Reiki money

Magick Reiki cleansing

Magick Reiki house clearing

Magick Reiki love

Magick Reiki demon banish

Magick Reiki hex breaker

Magick Reiki fast cash

Magick Reiki steady income

Magick Reiki beauty

Magick Reiki evil be gone

Magick Reiki better business

Magick Reiki good luck

… attunements coming soon…….

                                                                munay ki     

The rites of the Munay-Ki by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist
Rites of passage and initiation have been practiced for millennia by all peoples in the Earth. The rites of the Munay-Ki are based on initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon.
Rite One :Healer 's Rite
Connects you to a lineage of luminous healers from the past to assist you in your
personal transformation, awakening the healing power so that everyone you touch is blessed. We access tremendous spiritual assistance; ancient healers who help heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.
Rite Two :Bands of Power
Five energy belts are woven into your luminous energy field (LEF) for protection.
They act as filters, breaking down any negative energies that come toward you into one of the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and light, feeding your LEF instead of allowing those energies to make you sick.
Rite Three :Harmony Rite
A transmission of the 7 Archetypes into the Chakras. First you receive the
archetypes of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; next you receive three archangels: the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our super-conscious).
Rite Four :Seer 's Rite
Pathways of light connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra.
This awakens the inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.
Rite Five ;Daykeeper's Rite
You connect to a lineage of master healers from ancient times. Daykeepers can
call on ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth, and on the sun to rise each day, bringing us into harmony with mother Earth. This rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear, and practice peace.
Rite Six:Wisdomkeeper's Rite
You connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future.
This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine, step outside of time, and taste infinity.
Rite Seven : Earthkepper's Rite
This rite connects you to the archangels that are guardians of our solar system,
stewards of all life on Earth. It lifts you from your earth-bound existence and sets your spirit free to begin your journey to the stars -beginning with the sun, our local star- so you may dream your world into being. Rite Eight :Starkeeper's Rite
This rite helps your physical body to evolve into Homo Luminous; the aging
process is slowed down, your DNA is re-informed, and you become more resistant to disease. You accept the seat around a holy fire at the center of the Sun, a place that has been held for you since the beginning of time.
Rite Nine :Creator Rite
As it awakens the Creator-light within, this rite brings stewardship for all creation
-from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies. Once you discover that Spirit not only works through you but AS YOU, and all of creation is happening inside you, the stewardship then becomes natural.
As you work with the germination of these rites you'll be touched and blessed by
angels. You simply need to open yourself to the wisdom of the Earthkeepers, and all will be bestowed upon you